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Information for Cruise Ship Passengers

Arriving by cruise ship?

If you want to SNUBA with our company, you must book directly with us. Being the oldest SNUBA operation in the world, we provide you with over 30 years of SNUBA expertise to make your SNUBA adventure memorable and enjoyable. We accommodate thousands of cruise ship passengers every year and everyone has a great time and gets back to their ship on time!

We have worked directly with numerous cruise lines in the past but found the pressure to rush large groups of people through the SNUBA experience was not conducive to the learning process and the more intimate experience we like to provide you, our guests. The internet has allowed us to “cut ties” with the cruise lines while still providing the opportunity for cruise passengers to find and experience our tour in a much less hurried manner.

Keep in mind there are two separate and different SNUBA operators at Coral World, VI SNUBA (the original SNUBA operator at Coral World since 1998) and Coral World SNUBA (since 2008). VI SNUBA cannot be booked once you arrive at Coral World.

Our SNUBA operation differs in a few ways from the ship’s SNUBA tour:

  • Your SNUBA dive will be longer and less rushed
  • You will receive a thorough safety orientation and then enter shallow water for a practice session. Your dive consists of a shallow-water practice, which allows you time to get comfortable with the breathing and the equipment (while keeping your feet firmly planted in the silky sand of Coki Beach). We check your buoyancy, practice ear adjustment, and then you are led on a guided underwater tour. The average dive time is 30 minutes, not including the time in the water getting comfortable. Total in-water time is about 45 minutes to an hour
  • The shallow-water practice is an important aspect of the tour. With the time constraints of directly booked cruise ship tours, this practice session is often shortened or eliminated–we do NOT skip this session! It is needed for the comfort of the divers
  • We take photos (provided our camera is operational) of you underwater, which can be purchased and viewed once you get back from your cruise
  • We are the SNUBA specialists! We have conducted SNUBA tours for over 30 years and do not divide ourselves between snorkeling and scuba diving; we ONLY do SNUBA
  • Keeping our groups small provides you with a more personal tour allowing you more time to feel comfortable
  • Our SNUBA operation is the only exclusively family owned and operated SNUBA operation in the Virgin Islands—our family will be your personal guides on your SNUBA dive

Common Cruise Questions

Getting to your SNUBA excursion