Meet Kaitlyn


Hi, I am Kaitlyn. I was born in the Virgin Islands in 1998. I started out riding on the SNUBA® raft when I was three years old; I am now 20 and I have been SNUBA diving since I was eight. My dad took me on my first real scuba dive on my 13th birthday. It was awesome! I am now a certified rescue diver and working on my SNUBA guide certification.

My favorite thing about going to work with my parents is free diving down to see the fish and corals up close and teaching people about our marine environment. I am looking forward to helping my parents with dives during my college breaks.

I am now going to college in Florida majoring in Communications. I hope to market environmental sustainability.

~ Kaitlyn

Guest Comments

Frank you are AMAZING!!! I was really nervous! I had a horrible experience in Aruba and ended up not actually doing it. So when my husband wanted to snuba in St. John I was not excited. Talking to Tammy was so wonderful on the phone! She is just so helpful! Then when I expressed my fear to Frank he was so understanding and absolutely wonderful! I did it! And I was so proud of myself! We can't wait to get back there and do it again! Plan on seeing us again in the near future! You guys are the best!Bill and Stacy Spathies
Addison, Illinois