Frequently Asked Questions

What Our Guests Want to Know

  • Chevron down Will my whole family enjoy SNUBA®?
  • SNUBA® is a perfect activity for the whole family. It allows children as young as eight to experience the underwater world with their parents and even their healthy grandparents. All ages enjoy SNUBA®.

  • Chevron down What equipment do I wear?
  • A light harness to keep the air line out of the way, a weight belt, a mask, and fins.

  • Chevron down Where does the air come from?
  • A scuba tank sits in a raft, which floats along behind you on the surface.

  • Chevron down How long is the SNUBA® Adventure?
  • Orientation and guided underwater tour comprise about one and a half hours to two hours.

  • Chevron down How much time is spent under the water?
  • Approximately 30 to 40 minutes under the water, though your in-water experience is about 45 minutes to an hour.

  • Chevron down How many participants per professional guide?
  • A maximum of 6 participants per professional guide.

  • Chevron down What is the maximum depth I can SNUBA® dive to?
  • 20 feet, although you may stay at any depth you feel comfortable at.

  • Chevron down How physically fit do I have to be?
  • You are not required to be physically fit but you should not feel tired after walking a hundred yards down the beach and you must be in good health. Please check our Medical History page to see if you need to consult a physician prior to your participation.

  • Chevron down What is the minimum and maximum age for SNUBA® divers?
  • The minimum age is 8 years old and there is no maximum age limit. The only requirement is good health.

  • Chevron down My ears hurt when I dive down while snorkeling or swimming in a pool, will they hurt when I SNUBA®?
  • Usually, people’s ears hurt when they dive down while snorkeling or swimming in a pool because they DO NOT equalize their ears. You need to equalize the pressure in your ears just as you do when you are coming in for a landing in the plane, coming down a mountain, or sometimes even in an elevator. We teach you how to equalize your ears to keep them comfortable throughout the dive.

  • Chevron down When are your tour times?
  • Tour times on St. John are Monday through Saturday at 10:45 a.m. or 1:15 p.m. On St. Thomas, tour times are Monday through Saturday at 10 a.m. and 12 noon and if your ship arrives at 11 a.m. or 12 noon, email or call us about possibly scheduling you at a later dive time. Sunday reservations may be available, email to inquire.

  • Chevron down Where do the SNUBA® dives take place?
  • Both of our SNUBA® operations start on the beach with the shallow water practice in waist-deep water and then a gradual descent to a maximum depth of 20 feet. On St. Thomas, our dives begin off of Coki Beach and on St. John, off of Trunk Bay. We do not do the SNUBA® dives on the snorkel trail at Trunk Bay, but on a nice reef on the West end of the beach, between Jumbie Beach and Trunk Bay Beach.

  • Chevron down What if it is too rough to SNUBA at Trunk Bay?
  • If you are driving, we have an alternate location available on days that are too rough to SNUBA at Trunk Bay.

  • Chevron down Which dive location is better, St. Thomas or St. John?
  • They are both different but both great dives! On St. Thomas, the fish at Coki Beach have been hand fed for years so there are always a lot of fish. On St. John, we SNUBA® at the Virgin Islands National Park, at one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. They are both very different but great in their own ways.

  • Chevron down How do I get from St. Thomas to St. John?
  • This is easy! There are ferries that leave every hour on the hour from Red Hook, St. Thomas to Cruz Bay, St. John and there are plenty of taxis ready and willing to take you to Trunk Bay. The ferry ride from Red Hook to St. John is 20 minutes long and will cost $8.15 per person for adults and $1 per child under 12 years. The taxi ride to Trunk Bay from Cruz Bay will take approximately 20 minutes and will cost $6 per person.

    Taxis from Charlotte Amalie or WICO Dock (where most ships dock) to Red Hook cost about $9 to $11 per person and the taxi ride will take about 30 to 40 minutes.

    Returning to St. Thomas from St. John; use the above directions reversed. Ferries from Cruz Bay, St. John to Red Hook, St. Thomas leave every hour on the hour.

    The Virgin Islands National Park charges a $5 per person admittance fee (under 16 years of age are free) to get into Trunk Bay, St. John. 80% of this fee stays in the local park to keep trails clean, provide water for the shower facilities at Trunk, etc.

    You may visit our Cruise Passengers page for more instructions.

  • Chevron down I wear glasses; can I wear them while I SNUBA®?
  • Since you will be wearing a snorkel/dive mask, generally glasses will not fit under the mask and if they do, the arms are in the way of your vision. Keep in mind everything will look 25% closer and bigger while under the water so this will help. The other thing we recommend is disposable contacts. We know there are people that have tried contacts in the past and those that do not wear them because of astigmatism but the disposables are very thin and more comfortable than the “old style” contacts and since you will just be wearing them for SNUBA® or snorkeling it probably will not matter if they are perfect for your astigmatism. (You would need to ask your doctor about this.) Though they now make contacts for those with astigmatism. If you are staying on-island you may be able to rent a prescription mask from one of the local dive shops.

  • Chevron down Can I bring my own snorkel equipment?
  • We do provide everything you need for the dive but if you have your own snorkel equipment and prefer to use it you may do so. We request that the mask does not leak or fog on you. For those purchasing new masks, be sure to wash the inside of your mask thoroughly with soap and/or toothpaste. Clean the WHOLE inside, the skirt and the glass. The manufacturer coats the inside with a protecting agent and that needs to come off or it will fog on you. Also, if you plan to do any snorkeling before or after your SNUBA® you will have your equipment to do so.

  • Chevron down Should I be afraid of the marine life?
  • We have some of the friendliest ocean waters in the world. Generally, the only way you can get hurt by the marine life is if you touch it. Mainly the coral or the sea urchins and they are not going to jump out and get you. Please do not touch or stand on the coral, not only can it hurt you but you may kill it.

  • Chevron down Can I bring my own underwater camera?
  • Yes! We take digital photos for purchase, providing all works well with the camera, but our photos are generally of you, not of the fish. It is often less expensive to buy the disposable underwater cameras in the States prior to leaving for your vacation rather than buying them here.

  • Chevron down Is there a place I can keep my valuables?
  • Yes, both locations have lockers available for rent. On St. Thomas, the lockers are $4 with a $10 deposit and at Trunk Bay, the lockers are $3 with a $5 deposit. The deposits are returned when the key and or lock are returned. At both locations, the lockers are key locks so you can access them throughout the day.

  • Chevron down Are reservations required?
  • Yes, we keep our groups small to ensure a personal, high-quality tour. In order to secure your space, we recommend making reservations prior to the departure of your vacation.

  • Chevron down What is your cancellation policy?
  • Our cancellation policy is strictly enforced. If you need to change the number in your party or cancel you must do so 48 hours prior to your reservation time to avoid a 50% charge and 24 hours prior to your reservation time to avoid a full charge. Sunburn, illness, missed flight, missed cruise; all must give 24-hour cancellation notice to avoid full charge. If your ship does not come in, there is no charge.

  • Chevron down I have a mustache; will that be a problem?
  • A mustache may make your mask leak a bit but we teach you how to clear the water out. You can also put some chapstick or Vaseline on it to help with the seal or you may want to shave a bit under your nose so your mask will seal better. This question is mainly for those that decide not to shave on their vacation, a clean shave will make your experience a lot more enjoyable but if you do not want to shave, we can work around it.